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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

What compares to the final words of someone you hold so dearly! Mumbled or not, you just know they go farther than mere farewells. A will some may say. Perhaps you want to capture those last gasp rattles like a baby's first words. Keep reliving and doting on them as exit memories. What now happens when such last utterances are death defying words of meeting them next? They quickly become parting shots of reunion.

Such were the closing remarks of Christ Jesus. Behold I Come Quickly! And it was captured by John The Beloved, the longest living martyr of His disciples. Incidentally, being the one whose ears was often most kept abreast of Christ. It is then no wonder John defied death until he had revealed Christ's very words of His second coming in the bible's bookend of Revelations. He was a part of the three disciples Jesus revealed His coming to on the mount of Olive, days to His crucifixion.

John was there when Christ died on the cross. He heard His dying words but would find out they weren't His last words as death couldn't silence Him. He was there again to see the grave defeated as Jesus ascended at Galilee. But beyond hearing an angel saying Christ would descend again just as an angel announced his birth, John had the grace to outlive all to hear and scribble the final burning desire of Jesus to return. And in case anyone doubts beholding this promise, Jesus chose His closing words carefully, "Surely, I come quickly".

This makes BICQ MAG all about beholding, making clear the world's most historic breaking news ever to come since the ascension of Christ. Christ next coming, physical and spiritual at the same time. Wouldn't that be a wowing experience! Some call His coming the rapture, a stealthy saint's rescue; others the Second Coming with a finishing blow on the antichrist and his beasts. While many have got things mixed up, most have lost interest altogether in the seemingly endless end-time sequence. We see more than ever, that the gathering clouds of confusion around Christ' appearance is now so thick that it would get anyone afraid if they would even get to see Him should He show up in their bright sky.

Dear, if the Book of Revelation of Jesus to John reads scary as you deep in, you aren't alone. But how pleasant it is to know that the whole of that graphic book is summed up sequentially in Matthew 24. That's why it would be a great pleasure if you'll walk Matthew 24 with us as a parallel to this revealed last words of Jesus. Enjoy the entrance of Jesus' words as it gives light and understanding to the simple and live ready for His next coming.

Matthew, writing in chapter 24 started with Jesus walking out of the Jewish temple. I thought it might interest you why. A lot had happened within that sacred temple since Jesus entered it triumphantly in chapter 21 and His backcheck in chapter 22 . From the hossanic welcome to the whipping out of money changers, from showing the Pharisees and Saduccees their Mosaic hypocrisy right there in the mixed audience of multitude and His disciples to convicting these supposed holy sees of the blood of prophetic martyrdom, Jesus had brought them to a point they couldn't ask Him any more questions, especially about his identity of being the root and offspring of David.

From the last verses of Matthew 23, you could read Jesus telling Israel she was missing her day of visitation by rejecting Him as the Messiah Isaiah prophesied. This is on the background that Israel still lay in wait for a forerunning Elijah who had already come and fulfilled in the beheaded John the Baptist. So, in such a temple charged with solemnity, Jesus declared Israel would no longer see Him until she says, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. What!

Seamlessly, chapter 24 opened with almost counting His departing footfalls as they convincingly echoed his resolve not to be seen again. With thoughts wondering if He really meant what He just said, His disciples had to show Him the most revered sanctuary ever in the world epicenter. Especially that it was recently refurbished by Herod. It was as though asking Him to take a second look and mince His words. But His response would further numb the tour guide at saying that no one stone would be left upon another that won't be thrown down, before they will see Him again.

That called for silence. An horrifying one. A break in steps, trailed by streams of questions that couldn't wait till passover night of Chapter 26. Questions that none could ask immediately, and when asked in verse 3, not even all his dispersed disciples returned to ask. When those who came to ask Him came, including John, they had to come in private. Little wonder Paul said concerning His coming, behold I show you a mystery because it demands revelation.

Finally at the Mount of Olive, the vintage that best captured the view of the ill fated temple, the question flew from all winds as fast as they could. Tell us, when shall this thing be - this temple grinding, what would be the sign of this Isreal-seeing-you coming of yours, and also the signs of the end of the age?

Lets break it down: One 'when' , two 'signs'. So if you've ever being perturbed by the end-time series. Know that the first disciples too were. Or who wouldn't want to cheat on the end-time timeline! Welcome as you join us through this BICQ triad edition of 1 to 3.

Edited By Odunayo Olashore


Salem Otto : Ghana

Jeremiah Ishaya : Nigeria

Oluwatobi Shoyoye: Nigeria

Racheal Olusanya : England

Odunayo Olashore: Canada

Olusola Olusanya : England

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