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God The Playwright

This is a work of reality fiction; names, characters and places except a few incidences are not products of writer's imagination and therefore still construed as real. Any semblance to actual events, locales, organization or persons, living or dead is not entirely co-incidental.

One striking encounter I had in a hall in pre-clinical school, while administering an opinion poll on the characters of God was that with a young haggard but welcoming lady, Sera.

SERA [ she cleared at throat as though something was in the way of a cynical smile welling up in her. Then looked away like she wanted to vomit her response to my quest]: excuse me, hope you do not mind if I say, God is a joker! Let me also ask you a question if you can defend it.” [ Now, with an indignant headshake at my wrap of questionnaires, she spelled out] uhm.... for instance, “isn't your God prophet enough to know that He would soon be so sorry for making mankind, ever before drowning the whole world, sparing only Noah's family to see the rainbow?

Browbeaten, I muttered a thank-you-I-will-see-you-later courtesy that denied the look that I could always fight for God and walk away reciting her question.

I sneaked out of the hall ‘nicodemously’, like a performing actor in the theater whose costume had suddenly fell off on the stage to the amusement of the audience. I would barely get to my place to dust up rabbinical bible for an answer. As I scaled down a flight of steps from the hall of shame with a long face that did not call the shots, another question bumped into my mind instead of the answer to Sera’s riddle. And it did so just in time a medical friend, nicknamed Cunninghams ran into me, swaggering euphorically like he normally does after relishing yet another spiritual novel. “You must be godsent,” I said to myself as I quickly passed the brewing bucks to his face, “hey you! Concerning the first twins on record... why would God throw all His weights behind Jacob for all I care even when he's headed for the rocks and then leave Esau to freefall, perhaps on top gear too?” I quickly attempted to foreclose his likely answer, “could the porridge not have just been a bait for what was already prophesied before their birth?”

CUNNINGHAMS [as if he could preempt my preemption, impulsively responded with periodical chuckles]: who knows, Jacob might have even been cheating Esau of more amniotic fluid (fetal juice) inside pregnancy, and perhaps he was so overfed and overrelaxed that he could not come out first. Such that the elder was born hungry.... [Then, he followed it up by pouting his cheeks for approval which I busted with a sorry hiss]

“But he was holding his leg while coming out at birth,” I added.

“Go away!” we yelled humorously at each other in a chorus as we parted.

Of course, that still does not justify the hunger sin of Esau. Just like the child born blind and later brought to Jesus in the scripture, it wasn’t because of parental sin. For Evangelist Judas, the son of Iscariot, Jesus had to state in Matthew 26:24, “it would have been good if that man wasn’t born.” Sounded like the birth was a signature to destiny. Like Esau’s, these are issues around birth, the least anyone had a choice over. But was it fair on them? With a mind rippling of thought crisis, I did not know when I got home. Flung aside my rumpled rolls of questionnaires. I just realized Sera had lit the tinder box of questions that I have always lived to avoid. Every bible page I then thumbed unfurled a wistful barrage of odder questions without a break of answer: God was testing Job and then He allowed his ten children to be killed in a swoop. He delayed Sarah’s Isaac until a bit after Ishmael was born with an attending strife. He sent Moses to deliver the same seemingly over-pampered Jacob children and then hardened Pharaoh's heart. He moved Satan to allow David to count the same Israelites, and then punished him for it. Was God not just setting them up to upset them? He sent Isaiah to give Hezekiah his death certificate and after the culprit prayed appealingly, He sent the same Isaiah to postpone the date. He gave the baby Jesus and then allowed Herod’s sword to miss him for the neck of other babies, and so goes others stories you wish you could edit.

Drowsy, and before I knew it, international gate-crashing proverbs were already holding a conference in the fenceless amphitheater of my mind. One anonymous opened the floor, “great fortunes depends on luck, a small one on diligence.” Followed by a Chinese sort, “the rich add riches to riches, the poor add years to years.” After that came an Egyptian one, “strike the innocent that the guilty may confess.” I also participated, “why is it the same money which a poor woman tired of childbearing is begging for, to have her womb removed that a rich one is spending just to get fertile for once?”

And yet came a late English poet:

WILLIAM WORDSWOTH: Oh Sir, the good dies first and they whose hearts are as dry as summer dust burn to the socket.

“Enough! Enough!!” I scattered the meeting. As it all sounded like God is the one that will be in the witness box on the judgment day; while we humans, in a long queue, will take successive turn in passing the gavel or the sledgehammer one to another.

… I fell asleep, too tired to dream.


I woke up to realize this are partly the reasons many are anti-God like Sera was. Understandably, nobody is born an atheist, an agnostic or a freethinker. Anyone, before eventually decrying that yearning for an unknown God, which is programmed by default, must have had an experience in life that whispered the nothingness of God, as are our precedents.

While too many a believer do not even give a damn and just swallow whatever comes from the pulpit without proofing them, some do search the scriptures. On the overcautious part of the atheists, the dichotomy between reason and fault is pushing God beyond their reach. They can be so confused that one of them couldn't but voice out under the screen of anonymity, “anyone who isn't confused here doesn't really understand what is going on.”

Let’s start there. While it may sound unkind and disrespectful to back the slight that atheists should be celebrated annually on every fool’s day, it appears less so with all that David meant in the opening verse of Psalm 14. But this only goes to show atheists only got one correct piece of what life scripts is all about – the blank page – and concluded they have found the whole book of life. Come along as we read the blank with the written pages and leave you to decide which is the bigger chunk of the puzzle….

The Script … Before the foundation of the earth...

When flipping through the bible, do you get arrested by some sorts of odd phrases like the one above, or akin-scriptures like “from the foundation of the earth”? Until now, I have also shunned such with the wave of a hand. The 'world' we know is the 'earth' corrupted but whichever it is, the phrase is always about programs that were written in mystery since the beginning and so need to be understood by wisdom.

God the playwright usually makes programs for people than make people for programs like robots. How so? We change all too often, but as for His biblical prophesies, once they are versed, they can't be reversed; it would take heaven and earth, the theater and the stage of life to collapse first for just a jot in the script to be a fiction.

THE PLAYWRIGHT [as if He had longed for the young Elihu to come on board till chapter 38 of Job, just to draw up the curtain on the rising tempo of confusing questions and the staggering defenses paraded between Job and his three friends, in order to set Job's audience for His whirlwind voice]: who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if you have understanding…

That shows we are only characters, and our survival at birth is our life audition. The Playwright sees every chapter of our lives from His Script. And yet, beneath every page of His Script (which is what He wanted us to act out) lies our 'subscripts' (what we eventually act) in my opinion. While He could replay a scenario and make the main character watch it play again who then calls it DeJa'Vu, He rarely recast characters across two seasons, as was Elijah's Season 2 which featured John the Baptizer – the rugged preacher always having to slug it out with the ungodly kings: Ahab and Herod in life and “afterlife” respectively.

MOSES [the tongue-tied fugitive sang out Psalm 90 sonorously just after the Red sea finished clapping and made a voiceover in stanza 9 that every character should know] …we spend our years as A TALE THAT IS TOLD.

THE PLAYWRIGHT [ just before the dumbfounded Jeremiah gave God the excuse that he was too boyish to live up to the Script, God dazed him]: before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; and before you were born, I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations.

And you know what! God didn't go back to upgrade His Script for the earth either after it was corrupted to the world, He saw it all coming!

JOHN THE BELOVED [ expressed while talking of those who would worship the end-time beast, in the premiere of the horror movie of the Script of Revelation he just watched before it becomes a reality show here]: …whose names are not written in book of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

That Should give you a pause. For people like me, it still gives breaks.

JESUS CHRIST [while strolling and conversing with his disciples towards the Cedron brook in the absence of Judas, John 15:16] …You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you…

That again would make a soul winner a mere opportunist informing an ignorant sinner that he is already chosen, while cherishing that his own name too written is in the Script.

THOUGHT READER: You mean our choices are not really choices?

“Yes,” when we are not given the options. But “no” when we are given. We are so scripted to choose to the extent that even our indifference at choosing is also a choice.

G .K. CHASTERTIN [demonstrated how free our choices can be]: I owe my success to having listen respectively to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.

ODUNAYO AINA: [a lawyer of international repute and an e-Bicq editorial once attempted Esau and Pharaoh’s cases in the draft editions] …does it mean God; the scriptwriter took away their free choice? The questions rage on and on in my mind and I did not want to claim answers that I do not have, but the little I know of the bible explains it in Rom 8:29-30, let’s know if you have a better answer after following through.

It will seem okay then to bring Paul the Apostle to fore here.

PAUL THE APOSTLE: For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And those He predestined, He also called; those He called, He also justified; those He justified, He also glorified.

It is as clear as daylight that the only choice we have is that to reject or accept what the Playwright offers as options – which is destiny; but we have no choice to accept or reject what He has not offered as options, that's fate. For instance, we do not have a choice to write our names in the book of life. But we have a choice to blot our names out of it or keep it there. Put in perspective, this edition came to you as an offer, electronically or in hard copy but it was by choice that you received it and that choice of yours is so powerful and real that you can continue reading or stop, exit close this page or tear it up if it were given in prints.

God The playwright

THOUGHT READER: Does this God then not seem like a workaholic who keeps bursting the devil's puzzles, in a lifetime movie series, like 24-Hour Jack Bauer! Or does He come across like a studio track blazer who keeps overhauling characters, adapting the stages and redressing the finished script in order to keep up with modern day technological wizardry?

No, that God doesn't blink does not mean He is working mighty hard to watch our lives movie. It is rather more like you take caffeine and you don't want to lose a second in catching the fun over a multi-satellite movie stream of characters mazing through their choice for which you know all possible outcomes. The only difference is that God does not have rebound tendencies because He doesn't do drugs.

PAUL THE APOSTLE [writing about rest in verse 3, chapter 4 of his letter to the Hebrews from the Roman prison]: …although the works were finished from the foundation of the world.

Those phrases of finished scripts keep coming up again. Therefore, if God is ever still working hitherto as Jesus affirmed in John 5:17, it might be for a new earth and a new heaven. For as far as this present world is concerned, He had worked and rested as Moses wrote His dictated script. Even the work Jesus referred to, though dutiful meant pleasure to God.

ANNY DILLARD [ you could see the pietistic wear on the face of this U.S man of God when responding to liberals that implied God was just having fun in creating the world]: Divinity isn't playful, the universe was not made in jest, but in solemn incomprehensible earnest by a power that is unfathomably secret, holy and fleet.

You know what it feels like to work where you effortlessly derive pleasure compared to when you struggle with life Script? It works like a play. So was God when creating us, both the characters and the screenplay altogether. My hind camera could only capture an adult enthusiastically busy with mud on a weekend, just after the first five working days of giving a long responsive speech. God is done with the basic program scripting, and same for every adaptation just in case. God indeed is weird. And now undoubtedly, at rest. Except it is your work to play, is it when you are resting that you watch movies and not when you are sleeping, save in your dreams. Unfortunately, God doesn’t sleep or slumber. That's why we could pray 'let God arise” and not “let God awake'. This Wright has created and had left creation for us. He is now having recreation, what the scripture called pleasure! We are the ones thrilled when we discovered something new to us under the sun, yet there so many new things He had created that never made it to our news.

So is whatever become of every character, it is for Gods pleasure. Our becoming is not really for the immediate pleasure of we the characters or the playgoers, not even when one is leading the orchestra. Or who doesn't know that the same audience may still chant “crucify him” the next minute after his hosanna hour? It is from the Wright’s pleasure that a wise character would derive their own pleasure.

THOUGHT READER: Pleasure hmm…, does God still derive pleasure when we feel pain?

God appears as one-sided masochist not because He lost His pain sensation after feeling sorry [like Sera suggested] for creating us in his own image. In fact, when He came in our own image to shape us back to His image, He was still touched with our infirmities, to the extent that He wept. He just could not help a few things, even His death. Just that they have been written from the foundation of the world.

The truth is that God the Playwright has programmed a gain in every pain; He derives pleasure in our episodic pains when He looks at it from the expected end of the movie. When we burst into tears of joy in the end of some acts, it does not mean we are as sad as we looked. Similarly, when He smiles in our fury at the beginning of some scenes, it does not mean He is happy, as it appeared. If only we could see the joyous ending of the season from the beginning, we too are going to laugh our heads off in tears!

RONN HUFF, PAULINE MILLS [ together adapted and sang what John said in Rev 4:11]: for thou have created ALL things, and for YOUR PLEASURE they are, and were created.

The theatrical jargons called entertainment is the Playwright words for Gods pleasure.

GOD THE PLAYWRIGHT [In Isaiah 46 verse 10]: I am God, and there’s none like me, DECLARING THE END FROM THE BEGINNING, and from the ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, ‘my counsel shall stand, and I will do ALL MY PLEASURE.

THOUGHT READER: Is the world then not like The PlayStation with this your play right who has all the key parts in his hands? And we are just...

Wait, if we are to print out the scrolls of pages we must have written so far by our lives, how many of us are bold to shout it from the rooftop of the publishing house that the holy God is the writer? Anyway, He still wrote the manuscript, but we have a part. That brings us there is something I've always wondered why he created THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL

SHABI [a book friendly friend while reading about 2 meters away from where I was writing this script, suddenly sprang up to his feet unusually, in a way that would almost wake the dead. I believed he must have just realized he had to be somewhere as I watched him clasped the book in his front and scornfully lamented sweeping a few others together]: Why is this world so paradoxical! [then with a characteristic cheerful grin] For instance, why would the campaign against HIV Infection start with ‘Abstinence, Be faithful to one partner,” and then goes on to spoil everything with, “if you can't, use Condom” which should just have been written separately?

De Javu! No, I reassured myself as Sera leapt to my mind and I didn’t want to be the one on the run this time around. I resourcefully fired a similar question. “How could the same advert which sells tobacco be the preacher against it that smokers are liable to die young?” Just as he bagged out in a sigh, the answer to his dodged question roomed into my mind, “It’s in a tree!” I shouted repeatedly at the fading footfall of his hurried gait.

The answer is in that tree whose fruit is more popular. The tree of mixture, but of one option: the tree of knowledge of good and evil. By now, we should have gone past debating whether the Playwright created “good” only and not “evil”. Let’s save some time by saying He simply made both.


Uh-huh.... but He made both good and evil into a single option that you cannot tear apart. For if we were to deny Him of planting that tree of mixture on the first stage called Eden, it then means that another Playwright has crept into His writing desk through the backstage. The moralist mistake we easily make at all points of decision is to think that all options in life are either good or evil, good or bad. Yet from the beginning, it was not so. The option the Playwright offers is usually a “pure” or an “admixture”: a tree of life OR a tree of good and evil. It behooves on us to see the tree of life as life and any other admixture however good as tree of death. Surprisingly, this loving God does not offer pure evil as an optional package.

THOUGHT READER: Hey! How about when He offered David three evils to choose from as a form of punishment?

Good, as a punishment you nailed it! Not as an instruction as is this eternal circumstance, it was a punishment to learn a lesson for good.

MATTHEW PRIOR [spoke wisely of such, when faced with Scylla and Charybdis]: of two evils, I have chosen the least.

But equally at rewarding times, characters also find themselves having troubles of many good options, when God the Playwright gives life, He gives it in abundance, it's like choosing between gold and silver and wood having passed on to life eternal.

So, back to the choice between “life” and “good and evil”. Of the “life” option, He meant beyond moral good for us, yet in the “admixture,”

He meant fairer than evil for us. Which is why some only enjoy good life on earth as it seems, but it ends in an admixture. That is the mystery of God’s options. But the devil won't tell you the good juice also tastes sour. Therefore, by programing of the script, evil comes good when we chose it and they are both entwined in death, little wonder the Playwright named the other tree, the tree of life. This explains why a mix option plays a tragicomic of mix feelings on us. So, someone may be evilly good but every tempting option of an admixture, there is an alternative of life abundance, if only we dare to see.


If you are handed a blank script to perform as a character on the stage, what would you act?

Blank out! Well, that is also some acting. But what best to do is write your own script by acting your own way and that is what we have been doing on most pages by our subscripts.

God the Playwright does not mean He has written every line of our lives out like a JavaScript that cannot be understood by Adobe reader. There are blanks, where He allows us to write our own scripts, apart from our aforementioned subscripts under His written manuscripts.

THOUGHT READER: How do you know, and then that those blanks aren’t just white pages with white ink?

Because we are His image: Playwrights alike, gods of our God. He started out with us on the written lines but on most stages of our lives, the programmed script is such that He wants to see how much of His own scripts we can of our freewill write and act out on the Script.

Blank pages make God’s program flexible and not religious. It is on our blank pages that God negotiates and not counsel what is on the written. Just like He negotiated roasting Sodom and Gomorrah with Abraham, just as midwifing Israel by Isaiah, “come let us reason together...” It is on the blank pages that He compromises with our catch cries like Hezekiah's. As scripts bound the act of Jesus was, it was not His scripted time to perform miracle at the wedding of Cana, yet He did it upon Mary’s negotiation, same with the persistent crumb’s beggar for healing one who wasn’t a child of Abraham. It is on the blank page that God says, “I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy...” It is on the blank page where grace appears to all men, but it is the choice of all men to make it avail, which is why....

WILLIAM E. HENRY [said]: it matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my mate, I am the captain of my soul.

A well-used blank page looks like gaining Gods signature, like blanket cheque, it looks so god-playing that its ripple effect lives beyond the writer. A few people who have used their blank pages so well are the English. Besides their tongue-tying colonial chains, the language is so well sponsored that you would almost think that English is the official language God the Playwright will use on the judgement day. The Romans on their part turns everyone yearly between January and December, not that they did not have calendar rival same way Linnaeus Carl the Swedish renamed almost all things scientifically in Latin. Just as Bill Gates revolutionized the language of computer as is Mark Zuckerberg social media, you do not need to be told you are on the blank when you are.

It is often on blank pages that God the playwright programs the impossible that become realities for mankind when they dare to reach for them. When given a blank page, be humble not to write your plans in ink and give God the stamp. Perhaps He had even stamped them even before you write them, just write them in pencil and give God the eraser. It is at blank pages we write the scripts and God plays the subscripts as though we have switched roles. And one is tempted to play God here by writing Scripts that crosses the blank scripts. It is at such a time we tend to tempt the Lord as the devil tempted Jesus. It is when we tempt our Lord God that He leads us into temptation according to the scripted idols in our hearts. At such times on the stage of life, God comes on point blank to tear down the blank pages and the characters blanks out!

As complex as the expression of DNA strands are, they are still programmed to have proofreading. Just because He had given us some blanks to co-produce, some scenes to direct and some stages manage for a while, a sizeable number of characters by pride have usurp the roles. We have seen the emergence of the might playwrights who have forgotten the almighty Playwright. Though, we all have misused the pages but by abuse of blank pages, some nations have become the dung of the world. The tower of Babel was one because it saw the blank page as God’s footloose.

GOD THE PLAYWRIGHT [Purposely written as the first commandment in Ex 20:5]: …for I the Lord your God am a jealous God…

THOUGHT READER: Have you ever been frozen on the life stage? Where you just want this playwright to respond or else… He must just respond! Even after staying in line, dubbed His Scripts as your subscript, your blank page reads on to the end like a blank book indeed. The programs are not just responding. You wished that that part of your screenplay is censored. Felt like the Playwright has left you on the stage, betrayed you in hurting silence, resigned as your producer and it is taking forever for the abusers of your blank page to be proofread.

Yes, I have. However, it does not show that He has left the theatre. He might be angry, not at you. Perhaps at somebody in the screen crew of your life and He is on His way to rock the stage.

THOUGHT READER: Couldn’t He just be trying one’s patience?

Possibly, but at patience times, He still speaks to you, while you wished you could just rob Him of His wristwatch and see for yourself what they meant by God’s-time-is -the-best and lay your tarrying itself to rest. An occasion of God’s patience reminds me of…

BILLY GRAHAM [the foremost mass broadcast Evangelist]: if judgement does not come to this modern world, then God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

He was speaking of Gods patience. But of God’s anger, let me remind you of a scene when the Playwright came humbly on the stage himself as our misact-movie Editor and a role model on how to act the Script, costumed in the form of the Playwright son, living out the script and not just saying that, “it’s written.” But set to fulfilling all that is written! You know, when the script became tough, and He wanted God to adjust the plot in Gethsemane? It was still the will, the pleasure of the Playwright for Him to die in the movie; it was the anticlimax of all storylines. God the Playwright did not want to watch the unfolding horrific part. In few hours, the stage was so tensed that the Jesus the character was forced to ask in my paraphrased soliloquy, “My Playwright, My Playwright, why did you take your eyes off me? Just look my way and I’m reassured we are in this together!” Stage blanked out as all the lightnings went off, left playgoers scrambling. God just rocked the theater. He was angry but pleased!

THOUGHT READER: Script… script, before you go ahead this last time, I suppose, what exactly is this Script you have been mentioning?

The Script is the pleasure line of God the Playwright. The Script written or the blank page is the manuscript that wraps the way He wanted each character to stage the acts in subscripts. God the Playwright has always wanted to reveal the encrypted programing at demands. The Script started out as words, and then He inked them out, which through the ages has moved from scrolls to eBooks – the Scriptures! But where He is going is its inscription on our hearts, so we can act without paper script. He wants us to follow the Scripts so much that we became epistles even on blank pages like Enoch walked with Him without any paper bible.

God the Playwright is also the choice producer not only because He has a way of creating the storyline which is heaven-earth away from how the characters He cast thinks. But that He also translates His thought into what we should act. The Holy Spirit is the Director because He knows the heart, the pleasure of the Producer per time and can interpret the Script to direct the actors, especially on blank stages, which is why he said, “open your mouth and I will fill it”.

Jesus Christ is the screen Editor who by coming in the volumes of the books became a script-bound actor in order to correct our horror of mistakes on the theatrical stage of life we have misacting terribly to the Playwright displeasure.

THOUGHT READER: So, all the… the… that I have done will not show if my past is played?

Yes, by maximizing your choice power of belief. There is always one blotting out for every character in the final transcript. Sin blotted out or name blotted from the book of life. And only the Word Editor Himself that has been before the Scripts can do that; the Word that became an Actor in our reality show of life. Jesus did not come to read out, or just act the Script and then go backstage to lead another life like many of us, He lived it out. He became it, He so much fulfilled the Script that when next you are reading the same lines, you must be sure you are reading the updated edition of the new testament, which He is. That is why, the way a slate reader live is still so full of flashbacks that you wonder if there’s continuity at all. The Editor has blotted out all the wrong ordinances written against us in our subscripts.

GOD THE PLAYWRIGHT [caught so much fun the way Jesus was fulfilling the Script from cover to cover that He sealed it]: …In whom I am well pleased…

Relieve Him. Look, when it comes to a stage in the life of an actor, the Playwright even the viewers know that he has not just memorized the letters of the scripts. He has eaten up the words; Jesus found himself in the scripts, He believed those lines were happening to Him so much so that He was the Word for real – Word perfect. That is why it was in the ACTS of the Apostles that the viewers saw Christ, the word, in the act of the disciples and called them Christians. With the direction of the Holy Ghost the Director, when you even come off stage, the playgoers continue to see the character outside the play. Then the word which has been before the paper-scripts now leaves the paper behind.

Yes, what on earth stage have we characters not done just to spy into what prospect the storyline has for us. From Zodiac signs to palmistry, intelligent projections to premonitions before giving up to Que sera sera? Do not act as if life is a dress rehearsal: stop acting life like your life starts later. God the Playwright has acted out His heart pleasure. You should follow the direction of the Spirit that inspired the Spybook to take advantage of the Playwright’s heart.

APOSTLE PAUL [speaking of Christ]: …for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the shame, even to the death of the cross… [and speaking of himself] … I was pressed but not crushed…]

There is a way you act on the stage when you know everything works together in the movie end to star you as hero.

M. A. DENHAM: March winds and April showers brings forth May Flowers.

Let me add that very few people wait to read the full cast at the end of movies. But that’s where God the Playwright keeps us second-guessing, not only for yourself but for others too: like a soap opera at its suspense.

THOUGHT READER: Why do you say suspense when the movie has ended even before it often began?

Judgement. That’s a full cast of heroes against villains. Some people we expect to see as villains would be populated as heroes and the vice versa, from the choice they made that we do not know.

THOUGHT READER: But how about the seemingly choice less villain we all know are done for on the stage like Judas, the son of perdition?

Like Jesus said, it might have been better they were not born. But what if they have abused their own choice just as some fallen angel even from the foundation of the world? Such as Jesus would address as brood of vipers and judge already. Such storylines are not blank pages, they are written Scripts. Being yet illegible to us makes them appears as scripts flaws to the Agnostics. While atheists believe that life is all about blank pages, the religious thinks everything is written. But we believe that God the Playwright who pages both is not an author of confusion. For we shall understand by and by, that the Manuscript is flawless and that there was no slip of pen.

It was the humbling choice of God the Playwright to have my name and yours written in the book of life, from the foundation of the earth, but the choice remains mine and yours not to proudly blot them out. Soon, I would see that the name I bear in this theater of life is only but a stage name.

Olusola Olusanya.

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