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Shepard That Became A Lamb

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Animals are undeniably adorable. Such that it’s only your closeness to them that separates a pet from the wild. While the bests of pets have turned shockingly feral, the most dangerous of wild animals have been tamed. And with them only short of human intelligence, self-reflection and long-term futuristic planning, it remains incredible what spurts of amazements we encountered in animals. Is it the friendliness of dolphins or the vision of the eagle, the speed of cheetahs or the emotions of the elephant? Is it the bravery of lions or the closeness of cats, the tool dexterity of chimps or the instinctive smartness of dogs! It appears as though what each have in depth are superficial but complete in humans.

One then begins to wonder, if becoming human isn’t the only limitation of animals. Which goes to show why extreme animal rights activists see animals as same as humans. But while they would fight against cruelty on dogs, they may not pick up the advocacy for rats being used as guinea pigs. What’s rather a bit too difficult for anyone is to put humans down the rung in the animal kingdom. So in this edition, we seek to find where mankind really stand in the animal kingdom, if indeed he was there.

As far back as mid tenth century, the wisest king ever, Solomon had the daunting and foremost comparison between man and animals in Ecclesiastes 3: 18-20 when he said, ‘“I said in my heart, “Concerning the condition of the sons of men, God tests them, that they may see that they themselves are like animals”. For what happens to the sons of men also happens to animals; one thing befalls them: as one dies, so dies the other. Surely, they all have one breath; man has no advantage over animals, for all is vanity. All go to one place: all are from the dust, and all return to dust.”

Wow! What one is easy to lose sight of in this clear expression is what condition of man was the curious king considering that made Him see man as animal? What test was he talking about from God? It then stands to reason, could man have failed a test that devolved him into animal kingdom?

While you think about that, we would realize that the king who must have read the creation books of Moses, at least in the temple he built didn’t stop there, he proceeded with a question that might explore key differences, if there was any between man and animal in verse 21-22. “Who knows the spirit of the sons of men, which goes upward, and the spirit of the animal, which goes down to the earth.” We would come to this in a bit as well, and why he then hit a conclusion that made him fail to live up to this difference by going sexual frenzy as most animals: “So I perceived that nothing is better than that a man should rejoice in his own works, for that is his heritage. For who can bring him to see what will happen after him?” As time would reveal, that inquisitive comparison of equality didn’t stop with Solomon. It made man class himself atop the food chain as higher animal. Not the least from the scientific checklist by Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy who took on the reins of naming living things from Adam. Linnaeus, a botanist and a physician, though not without racial bias in his geographical sub-classification of human believed God created one Adam, named the wise human Homo Sapiens and perched him as mammals atop the kingdom Animalia.

It is therefore no shame we are scoping down our origin compared to animals here. Just over a century after Linnaeus came Charles Darwin, the evolutionist who would leverage on another knowledge in vogue that gene were transmittal, coming on the heels of Lamarck. Darwin, certainly not the first to fondly refer to man as animals was a critical mind whose theory of evolution to link all the already named species became grand. And was based on his conviction of common ancestry that started out from sheer randomness which could only be sustained by make belief. From that mythical scratch, a reaction of solar energy on water, he knitted how microbes evolved into corals, then explosions of some sort into worms and tadpoles. While worms spiked their ways into scorpions and crabs, tadpoles swam into fish. Then, you begin to see fins winnowed into limbs such as walking whales, and bingo a shaping into a frog which hopped into a lizard. As the lizard crawled its way into rats and then all boom – bring on all-on-fours! Meanwhile, while the alligator is still long throating into giraffe, it’s cousin had grew into a dinosaur who would wing out into birds, and along the billion years way, there was also convergence adaptation sculpting insects into whatnot, hmm!

And with diversity of on-all-fours to using more of their back pedals, it’s monkeyed all the way, splintering from a common ancestor, chimpanzee had lost its monkey tail, an apelike somewhere in between had morphed into the most primitive southern ape from the Afar triangle of Ethiopia. Eureka! There emerged the Neanderthals, arguably dehumanized fossils of prehumen who was also naturally selected till the most refined Homo Sapiens we see today. What a fabulous trajectory of art captured in the so-called tree of life through evolutionary billions of years! Not the least helped by the big bang theory without a banger, randomizing an accident that brought about all which the first microbes came from. When you add dating techniques that put the first germ at 4.5 billion years ago, it’s your dissenting mind is boggled with the numbers. And as it stands today, you would have a run in life not to bow to the theory. More so, when you look at the modern trial phases of novel drugs and vaccines in animals first before human treatments, the use of animal’s parts in humans medicine, how babies are pruned in pregnancy to term from the tiniest dots of sperm latching on egg. And then the wizardry of DNA genome sequences put at close to about 98 percent match between chimpanzee and man, it becomes hard not to believe humans truly evolved from the animals. What is only harder is the millions if not billions of trillions of years to wait and watch the tiniest of any animal evolve into its successor.

Instead, what we see is the impatience of extreme science to prove the pet theory as it has amount to nothing but technological adaptation. Disappointingly, the genetic changes and micro adaptation called microevolution seen under the lens are imprints that are mostly neutralized intelligently by the body. Where occasionally not neutralized are short-lived. Such changes, if doggedly bypassed the inbuilt proofreaders results in tumors and from which diseases next break out. And where those genomic variations have been advantageous drifts against particular diseases or common features which lowers survival in those without such traits, all we have seen are spurts of beauty of human diversity in abilities. At the very best we are yet to see the next human evolve, except they are the robots with artificial intelligence. More on the downside, our ingenuity has become a threat to our massive extinction, from rising reserve of nuclear plants to struggling to adapt to climate change, and catching up with novel diseases.

What more have we seen? The plummeting human life span from time immemorial. Only in few climes with marginally improved quality of life, longevity is largely traded for reproduction, potential parents at times have had to extend their lifetime by living the life of their would-be children through avoidance of reproductive stress altogether. And what happens when they die? It tend to make extinction cap the perceived longevity. By dint of evolution and mother mitochondria gene, skin variation perceived as more refined in those with lesser melanin has dumped Africa as the retard of civilization. And what is the result of that? Outlawed slavery of the past have only changed name to institutionalized racism in the present times. While there are moral evolutionists, what we see more instead of human evolution is inhuman devolution into mating with animals, both experimentally and habitually. After all, evolution posed that sexual behaviors are the same. Now zoonotic diseases, largely incurable are enduring as fallout of sexual push to justify our cousinhood to animals. And since leaving the evolution of the next species to random chance seems taking forever to happen. It’s no surprise how cheaply the varieties of Rocky wallabies in Queensland is being explained as intermediaries. We can see the desperation of the evolutionists to speed things up by deliberate effort at cloning the superman. The failure of which is being massaged with expedition of genetically cloning extinct animals. At best evolutionist desperation to race up a clone of the next superman has failed yet. All have come bare to the rickety theory being brazen by crutches of entertainment and fictions. What a way to brainwash our kids on how werewolves’ morphs into humans and humans into monsters to prove evolution right. The movie-woods are least one thing to laugh about from smokescreens of evolution.

But why all these relentless attempts to remove the unassailable difference between man and animal? Why has the academia arbor intelligent design, why has extreme science and philosophy of political correctness declassed humans as animals? Away from the emotional hurt it brings when we derisively label one another as animals in our uncivilized moments, why are the learned so hell bent on skinning mankind down to animals?

Just one answer – to build an atheist culture and substantiate the laughable thoughts that there was never a creator, in the first place.

This is why evolution is an atheistic convenience to most philosophers and a selling appeal to agonists who would rather credit the marvels of life to a fatherless mother nature. It is why freethinking paleontologists would keep exhuming fossils to fix the broken lines of the past while the artist wouldn’t stop filming the future of evolution by the fairytales of speciation.

The pursuit that orderliness was born out of accidental randomness and that the cutting edge we have over animals today was owed to natural selection of the survival of the fittest mocks a creator. All we see today are claps to the Darwinian theory that sought origin of species and their reproduction for evolutionary continuity, postulating that selective adaptation to environmental changes learnt by the gene over billions of years is what drives our survival into diversity. And that initial gamble of mutations is shaped by nature into complexity and fineness. While Darwin himself had a theological upbringing before setting up the Galapagos Island, it remained to be proven that he truly ended his quest on origin of life by finding it in God at his death bed by the visit of Evangelist Lady Hope. Now that Darwin is gone, his theory hasn’t enjoyed more presence, it behooves on evolutionists living to prove his postulations called a theory. And if this thought of a godless origin which must have come from the high places through the mind of Darwin, as I believe, it’s an imagination of influence from a source outside man, then it had to traceable to a force lording it over man or a fake of it. Such a force, of puffy knowledge which wasn’t likely to have come from a logical God could only be traceable to a pretend-God whose mindset was the nothingness of God and origin. Who else?

That leaves us with the creation history. One that showed there was an intelligent design and so an intelligent designer who by himself was not designed. That has to be God, in a dateless past, before whatever dating element from carbon to non-carbon counters were made to clock. One who beyond believe has proven Himself time and again to be purposeful down to His handwritings detailed to our genes. Who else knew what it means for there not to be a heaven or a earth, who knew exactly what it means to create the earth and the heaven and when the angels were created and Lucifer called the Son of the morning! Who else knew what it really meant for the earth to be dark, without form, who in a sequential process would create man in His own image which is Spirit even long before forming the animals? While the animals, truly formed on the fourth day since the sun began to read time, indeed predated the formation of man on the sixth day, could the similarities rightly observed between man and animals, like animal drug trials working later in humans simply have been attributable to the common soil they were formed from! That’s no evolution. Little wonder Solomon agreed with Moses Pentateuch that it was from the dust the flesh came from, and it’s to the soil it would return. How about the breath of life? Solomon got it, animals too have the breath of life, also used by Solomon as Spirit.

It is because animals have spirit that they can be possessed by Spirits. Or why would Lucifer pick the pattern of a serpent?

Why did God kill a sheep in Eden when He found for himself a lamb to cover the shamed Adam and Even in the animal kingdom having debased themselves to find coverage in the plant kingdom by leaves.

If animals don’t have spirit, why would God command all animals; pets and wild in their genders into Noah’s ark and allowed a raven for Noah to confirm the end of the flood, why did He gift a ram for Isaac on the altar of sacrifice when He also found Himself a lamb. It is because they have spirit that His angel verbally spoke through Balaam ass and horse of fiery chariots could carry Elijah into heaven. If we took those for old testaments, the new is equally replete with real animals and not figurative ones. Why would John sight the dove upon Jesus at baptism to mark him the Son of God, why would the demon begged to be cast into pigs, why would Jesus ride a donkey never ridden by anyone. It is because their spirit can be possessed that God struck Saul’s militant horse en route to Damascus and he would return on a white horse with the host of heavens!

What then was special about God breath into Adam? His Spirit was directly breathed into Him to become a living soul like God. He was never in the animal kingdom; he was above it. His Spirit was unlike that of the animal which came into existence by the spoken words of God which are spirit and life too. Solomon in his inquisition rightly guessed the difference that animals go into the pit. Which pit, if not hades where the Lucifer who devolved into the serpent of old rules the animal kingdom. We would come back to this but can give answer to Solomon’s question if the Spirit of man truly goes up to the one who breathed it directly? That answer can only come from someone greater than Solomon – Luke 11:31, Jesus the very wisdom of God through whom we have no doubt that man’s Spirit goes up. So, is that all the difference between man and animals, one spirit goes up, the other goes down. But there are animals up in heavens, what then is the real difference beyond the destination of spirits. What it that would make us live above the untamed vanity of our fallen state beyond the animal kingdom?

What animals really lack in addition to their spirit destination is soul. Also call the mind or the heart. It is the soul that sin that dies spiritually and animals don’t sin. That soul is the one that extreme science has lost to have reduced itself to animals. How so? By the deceit of Angel Lucifer. The old Cherubim made from precious stones and not dusts like men. And made with a soul to will and decide like God. He was actually a god as man. He was wise in the very day he was made. Yes he was made unlike God. By his soul, his mind, remember that he could will to do and not to do, he wished to become more than his creator. Now, that was where his wisdom got corrupted by pride of knowledge. And while he was still thinking, both his thought and all angels inserted with same thoughts were devolved into animal kingdom, below mankind as God would always resist the proud. Lucifer devolved into the devil and his fallen angels demons. And as the gift of God are without repentance, meaning God wouldn’t resent and collect His gift just because one has turned against Him like Solomon remained wise after straying away with the gods of strange women, Satan remained wise however our religious lexicon of subtlety. There’s still what is called the wisdom of this world. And with the pit of hell as their destination, they would stop at nothing to widen the road that leads to their destruction and make the gate of hell prevail.

Which is why Satan looked for a closest pattern in the animal kingdom to transposes his wisdom. The serpent came handy. The wisdom of the serpent is so matchless in the animal kingdom that even Jesus had to tell us to be wise as the serpent because that creature was good and harmless in the day it was made. Now we are going figurative. Like the traceless way of a serpent on the rock, Satan co-opted the Serpent. And like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, He deceived Eve. How? By the same pride of knowledge that devolved Lucifer? Seeking the knowledge of good and evil so as to become like God! But God already made her in His likeness, never to die– that is the deceit – that she was a female and not in the image of God like Adam. She had not seen herself in Adam and Adam In God. Whereas Adam without being deceived decided by his will, his soul to listen to his wife instead of God, pride of seeking knowledge! A tree to make one wise.

At that point, when mankind obeyed Satan in the form of an animal, the serpent, we became devolved into animal kingdom as one. This was the test Solomon suggested man failed that brought him into the fallen condition in the Animal kingdom. Pride of knowledge outside God is notorious for devolution into animal kingdom. From Lucifer to serpent, mankind in the garden of God into animal kingdom, proud individuals like Goliath likened to a dog by David, Superpower kind Nebuchadnezzar devolved into eating grass like oxen, the proud prodigal son eating with pigs. It’s same with Knowledge of evolution. However that looks, being has kept in the animal kingdom lowered us as higher animals. It’s a devolution sustained by evolutionist pride, all the extreme attributes of animals that mankind has been venturing into were going to come by just naturally. It’s no wonder we then began to see ourselves as one by the evolution theory that disproves God. And the more we look away from God but towards animals, the more we begin to see ourselves in their mirror.

It is then not hard to see sexual relationships between mankind and animals today against scriptural warning in Leviticus 18:23. In fact, some would choose to have them as legal heirs over humans. Whereas what God want us do is have dominion over them and care for them, which is why Proverbs 12:10 enjoins us to care for the health of animals, respecting animal right but not the extreme of exalting them over fellow humans. On the spiritual pane, the soul of man was caged in the animal kingdom because for there to be a least an access to God, there has to be a remission of that sin of puffy disobedience. And there’s no remission of sin without the shedding of innocent blood. It’s a principle of God just as His throne that should not be eyed as was the forbidden fruit not be eaten. So, God started our redemption from the animal kingdom by sacrificing to himself right in Eden. Or how did he get the animal skin used to cover the devolved gods in Eden? The blood of the first innocent animal was shed.

The question that should follow is why would He cover our sins yet He condemned Lucifer? Love is the answer.

The love to renew His image in us from the curse of returning to dust as food for the serpent of old. The sacrifice of an innocent animal was a ritual Adam took away from Eden.

It would reflect in Mosaic law upon breaking the commandment and a statutory atonement for sins until Jesus showed up. Until then, it has been battleground in animal kingdom. There were pets and there were wild animals. Demons like giants were noticed to have slept with women just to corrupt her seed before the flood had to do wipeout. Egyptian magicians could turn sticks into live snakes. In fact, the Eden pet life where Eve could entertain a gist with a serpent without fight or fright had become a miracle to Daniel in the lion’s den. In a cave, legions of demons have possessed a man before Jesus drove them into a pig. At a time, he called the Pharisees the brood of vipers and of their father the devil! And would reveal to John the beloved the beast and the Satan as the serpent of old. Based on the mosaic measure of sin, the turtle doves have become common sacrifice victims in the temple alongside the rams, but there was no animal, however innocent that could rescue mankind out of the curse of animal kingdom. Something has to be more in the rescuing animal than innocence to save another animal which we became by pride. If we were going to get back up to the point where our dominion over all animals, including the serpent would be, we needed something higher than us, not animals from our animal kingdom or a martyr or a law abiding prophet within our rank.

And since man was made a little lower than the Angels, the next rank of creature under God were the Angels. But the chief of angels had failed God in Lucifer. Then, we were left with God. We were left with God to devolve first into the shape of man so as to enter the animal Kingdom. Little wonder, Jesus was born in the Manger, the animal house. If you will catch a monkey, you might behave like one. God as a man got tempted as us and without sin and passed the test.

We needed sacrificial lamb that can cheat death forever! Which is why Jesus is described by Isaiah 700 proven historical years before His birth: “He was oppressed and He was afflicted, Yet He opened not His mouth; He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, And as a sheep before its shearers is silent, So He opened not His mouth.” John the Baptist got it right , The other day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”. More resounding is the truth that Jesus called Himself the good shepherd, who laid his life for His sheep, even if it was one soul lost among hundreds. He must have spotted what a lamb is compared to a sheep. Compared to sheep which he wants us to be humble as, a lamb is foolishly innocent. Yet the choice of a lamb was where the wisdom of God lies, for the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men, the best of who was Solomon. In fact, if the prince of this world knew, he wouldn’t have crucified Jesus. He was at the climax of his bite on the cross of Calvary. Indeed, the serpent bruised the heel of Eves seed indeed by nail on the cross but and her seed by humbly taking the form of a man through Mary broke its head in the grave and came out alive as the lion of the tribe of Judah.

God With Us took the on the Eden curse by getting sacrificed in Golgotha for our sins. Initially, He looked like a criminal slaughter on the cross, but by the time death and the devil found out in the grave He was innocent and was the higher sacrifice which also doubled as the High priest, we were free! Hurray! A new Col 3:10 creation of His image in us as a new soul and a new spirit is completely revealed at rapture when we bag a new flesh not made from the soil. His quickening Spirit transforms us into glorious bodies like that of the resurrected Jesus that is not cursed and cannot be left in the dust as food for the serpent! I can’t wait to reveal this God image with a sacred destiny! There would be more than a billion reason to outlive a millennia reign with Christ than shame the time excuse constrain of the evolutionists.

And how amazing to know that God wasn’t reactionary to Lucifer’s game plan?

Right from the foundation of the world, He had seen the Lamb of God was already slain! I Pt 1:18-21 and Rev 13:8 are great reads.

All there was left was for the word to be made flesh and Jesus to lay down His life. If I were given a chance to put John 3:16 in this topical context, I would say, for God so love the world that He became a sacrificial animal, so that whoever believes in Him wouldn’t have to perish in the animal kingdom. You know what happens to those who don’t believe in this freedom still? Jesus referred to such as stubborn goats and not sheep in the judgment. This is why, we cannot remain animals or live as one however close they are to us by virtue of flesh origin in the dust. His one-off sinless blood that was shed as a lamb in humbled obedience to the death of the cross is more than enough a thousand sacrifice any religion can make for sin. So, it is ignorance if not cruel to tie you inside animal kingdom by continuous animal sacrifice for whatever reasons!

Besides, do you know what that did for the animals whose spirit goes down? Jesus death automatically freed them too from sacrifices, from ties to the devil’s pit. Like Moses wouldn’t leave any Israeli animal behind in Egypt, Jesus is also a righteous man who takes care of His animals. They were good in the day He made them, so the same way He wanted man restored back into the kingdom of God, He wanted animals to remain in animal kingdom and relate harmlessly. Which is why he won’t even give up the serpent imagery to the devil by allowing Moses to make the serpent symbol as the healing mark to dying Israeli and wouldn’t miss the serpent out in the New Eden on earth, “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb. The leopard shall lie down with the young goat. The calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. The cow and the bear shall graze; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The nursing child shall play by the cobra’s hole. And the weaned child shall put his hand in the viper’s den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain. For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” – Isaiah 11:6-9. No evolutionary theory can explain that!

Jesus made it clear that the exit way out of the animal kingdom for man who can believe, and not soulless animals, is to humbly believe him as though we were figurative sheep that follows, and not stubborn goats. He would go ahead into virtues of other animals we needed to glean from. By starting from sheepish status of our salvation. And then as believers, to rescue others from the serpentine kingdom, we can’t be less wise. By the time we are getting raptured from the kingdom of animal, it would be like a dove, the Resurrection symbol of Holy Spirit. So, He said, “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

So then, we must have been proud foolish in our academic hearts to say there’s no God. But the fear of that creative God from today is the very end of that foolishness and the beginning of wisdom. And the God made flesh, who died for us as an animal is coming again on a horse for those in His image, not as a lamb! You had no bestial origin in the first place.

We only devolved into the animal kingdom by failing the test of humility and remain there as animals by pride of knowledge. But Christ had died sacrificial to free you, you are no match for any animal, higher or lower.

Believe this truth and you are out of the animal kingdom!

- Olusola Olusanya

Bicq Topic Writer.

INK AIRERS Salem Otto - Ghana Jeremiah Ishaya - Northern Nigeria Oluwatobi Shoyoye - Southern Nigeria Olusanya Racheal - Northern UK Odunayo Olashore - Canada

Thanks for reading this far with us. Join us in Bicq 12, an average size edition where we live out what Eating Jesus flesh and drinking of His Blood means.

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